Heating Solutions

Devi Heating Systems

Devi is a Danish company and the world’s largest manufacturer of floor heating systems.

You can install electrical floor heating under most floors: tiles, laminate and linoleum. It’s energy saving and a high quality comfort choice of heating.

Under Tile Heating

Heat rises! Low operation costs, safe energy and low allergen.

No more feet on cold floors. Under tile heating is the fastest growing choice of heating for first time installations or renovations. Why? Because it’s energy efficient and effective.

In Floor Slab Heating

Optimum control over room heating – and no dust!

Split into several zones, these heating elements are put into the concrete slab of the house. This means you can choose when you heat each area of the house according to usage. It is another radiant heating system: it does not heat the air. Another great choice for asthmatics or allergy sufferers as no dust is produced.Taking advantage of off Peak Electricity Tariffs

Heat Banks

We are confident and experienced with Heat Banks.

Because Mick Keavy Eelctrical Services has been around a long time, we know exactly what we are doing with installation or replacement of your Heat Banks. They remain popular for people who have used them and like them.

Panel Heaters

No gas? These are a great choice for renovators, as they’re quick to install.

Panel heaters are an affordable heating solution that are easy to install and safe to use.

Radiant Ceiling Heating

Gives a nice clean heat with accurate temperature control. 

Using the same top quality Devi brand as our other heating options, Radiant Ceiling Heating provides an even flow of heat throughout your home or office.